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This doesn't just mean the mother, but the woman herself.
Is Sanskrit and means knowledge. woman knowledge. old and new .
Holistic for you.

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Strengthen & Heal

Holistic gynecology deals with all aspects and phases of being a woman.

So it starts with the first period , questions about contraception, the desire to have children , pregnancy, childbirth or miscarriages and finally the  menopause .

All these phases are hormonal, physical and psychological  quite a challenge.

Conventional medicine is quite powerless in the face of many complaints that occur during these times.

However, holistic gynecology does not. She knows about the power of touch, knows centuries-old traditions and medicinal plants   and with homeopathy she has a healing method at her disposal that is gentle yet highly effective, regulates upset vitality and brings us back into balance can.

Whether hormonal imbalances, endometriosis, PCO syndrome, post-pill syndrome, menstrual problems such as pain, irregular, absent or very heavy menstrual bleeding, PMS, fibroids, cysts, polyps, poor PAP values, menopausal symptoms - all this is part of the treatment spectrum of the holistic gynecology.

A large area at mamaveda is support during pregnancy.

Ideally, a good time, which is usually accompanied by all sorts of complaints.

Fatigue, exhaustion, nausea, oedema, lack of nutrients, pain, fears ... just to name a few things that we encounter and where we can experience support and relief.

I have gentle yet very effective methods at hand to help you during this special time

can help. With a pregnant woman massage you can relax deeply and draw strength for this special time.

Sometimes getting pregnant isn't as easy as we thought it would be.

And then there he is. The desire to have children . And gets bigger and more painful.

Maybe you already have a diagnosis. Or no real explanation.

Perhaps you were already pregnant and lost the child. 

This is all a very stressful situation that I am happy to try to support you with.

Seen holistically, it seems as if something in the fine structure of body, mind and soul has gotten out of balance and this is where naturopathy comes in.

If you have questions or problems in one of these areas, are thinking about treatment or just want to do something good for yourself...

... feel free to contact me.

In a first free introductory conversation we will see what it is about  and discuss how I can support you.

"By far the most important relationship is that of a woman with herself." 

Ayurvedic proverb

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