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Body Mind and Soul


In addition to alleviating your  physical discomfort , the main thing is to make the pregnancy  consciously perceptible and to create an emotional environment in which the unborn child can develop optimally. A pregnancy massage has a pain-relieving effect, stimulates the metabolism, helps to improve mood, promotes inner balance, relieves muscle tension and supports a healthy lifestyle. It has a regulating effect on pulse and blood pressure and has a positive effect on breathing through deep relaxation. Furthermore it it helps to prepare the pregnant woman emotionally and mentally for the birth, reduces stress, relieves anxiety and has a positive effect on depressive moods. It stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system, leading to a Relief of the veins, which reduces the swelling of the extremities . The perception of the body is improved, a positive feeling der  acceptance  acceptance  towards the change in one’s own body can develop.


After childbirth , your body has accomplished incredible feats and gone through huge changes .

You have opened yourself up wide, physically and emotionally. You may have sore muscles from the exertion of childbirth, or tenseness from the unfamiliar posture of breastfeeding or sleeping next to your baby.The hormones change in one fell swoop – while before everything was geared towards maintaining the pregnancy, now it's all about getting breastfeeding going, the multitude of and to coordinate wound healing processes - and all this while you are trying to adjust to a completely new life.  Physical touch can give you support, warmth, a reconnection to your body. Es  the blood circulation is stimulated and the lymphatic drainage and the elimination of toxins are promoted. Your nervous system will be calmed and you will have more strength to calmly go through this first time full of sleep deprivation and your baby's changing needs.

The oxytocin massage is part of the postnatal massage and a special form of back massage. Sie  is a very nice and helpful method to support breastfeeding. The massage stimulates the milk ejection reflex , which promotes milk flow. The resulting relaxation supports the start of breastfeeding. This minimizes pain and leads to greater satisfaction for both mother and child.


A therapeutic massage helps women to regain their inner balance .

This is done by means of a gentle and targeted form of touch. The individual treatment schemes have a regulating effect on the different symptoms in the life phases of a woman.

I combine various body therapy techniques such as therapeutic women's massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and lymphatic drainage.  

The massage consists of different sequences that are combined depending on the symptoms or phase of life of the woman. In addition to the effect on the body (organs and muscles), it has a relaxing effect . It also promotes detoxification of the body. It is used for many Frauen complaints, but also for tension, pain syndromes or psychological complaints such as stress or anxiety.


Especially during childbirth, expectant mothers are highly sensitive and also react to supposedly harmless situations or comments. Sometimes you feel exposed and perceive the situation as threatening.

Actually, people and also animals react automatically and unconsciously with a fight or flight reflex. This naturally means fight or flee.  Both are not possible during childbirth, so women turn on an "emergency program": they work. freeze. Play "dead". After birth, the nervous system does not get the all-clear, feelings are still split off. The women feel stunned. Separated from the world , from your baby, your partner and yourself. Trauma is always associated with a feeling of helplessness and powerlessness and this feeling can occur during childbirth or even during the posttime be reactivated, reconnect with old feelings and awaken unpleasant memories. Sometimes this results in postpartum depression or a bonding disorder with the baby.

I have found that in addition to talk therapy, body therapy such as shaking and tapping exercises and therapeutic massage can be incredibly healing. Feeling yourself again is the first step to perceive and integrate all the repressed feelings.

That and time are the way out of the trauma back into life.


The fertility treatment at mamaveda is a holistic treatment   which includes various methods. In a first detailed discussion we get to know each other and see which path we will take. There are many reasons for an unfulfilled desire to have children and there are just as many ways to treat it. In any case, our first goal is to help you relax.

Bring your system back into balance .

I had a very good experience with the fertility massage according to Dr. Make Gowri Motha. The lymph-cleansing and hormone -balancing effect stimulates the reproductive organs and has a relaxing effect on the entire organism. A homeopathic treatment balances and stabilizes from the inside and Ayurvedic tips for Lifestyle complete the treatment.

Sometimes it goes very quickly, but sometimes  a fertility treatment also needs some time.

In any case, you should give yourself about 6 months.


Our cycle is a circle in which four phases are normally repeated again and again.

In the first phase of the cycle, serotonin and dopamine are stimulated by the release of estrogen .

Most women now have a lot of energy, feel good in their bodies and enjoy socializing. 

Around ovulation many women experience their climax. Not only in the area of sexuality, which is now particularly boosted by the release of testosterone . But also because we feel particularly attractive and self-confident due to the high concentration of estrogens. Immediately after that we enter the second phase of the cycle and the hormone progesterone now takes over the helm. Many women see this time  as their dark side in the cycle. The energy balance decreases and the first mood swings can occur. Menstruation  can rob our body of quite a lot of energy. Suddenly more vital substances are needed and the breakdown of the lining of the uterus can cause cramps in the abdomen.

There are women who feel the change of mood very intensely and it can throw them off course. The Hormons are like a rollercoaster. The Body cuts down the Immunsystem to allow the reproduction system.Sometimes there are also more serious balance problems and body problems.

With the help of hormone tests and a cycle calendar   we start looking for the causes. Then we can treat complaints and create understanding for the processes in your body. 


The intestinal flora acts almost like a conductor on the harmonious flow of hormones. Because the microbiome can both send signals to the hormone-producing glands in your body and produce hormones themselves. It has a direct influence on our mood through various bacteria and other microorganisms - the brain, metabolism and the immune system. And also on the body's ability to absorb nutrients from the diet. A healthy gut is directly related to healthy hormones. If you suffer from health issues like hormonal acne, hair loss, PCOS, PMS, heavy or irregular periods, fatigue or low libido, you have an underlying hormonal imbalance - and in order to improve your symptoms you need to take care of your gut health (also). Your gut flora is a key regulator of the levels of circulating estrogen in the body. There is a specific group of gut bacteria that affect estrogen levels called the “estrobolome”. The estrobolome is dedicated to processing and eliminating estrogen from the body. A dysbiosis, i.e. an intestinal flora that is out of balance, can drive estrogen levels in both directions and lead to estrogen-related symptoms. Intestinal health is the basis for a balanced body system.

First, we get an overview of your microbiome status with the help of a stool sample and a detailed anamnesis. Then we determine an individual therapy, consisting of 

  • nutritional advice

  • Milieu stabilization and flora development 

  • symbiosis steering


The term menopause describes a phase of natural hormonal changes in women's lives. 

This transition usually occurs between the ages of mid-forties and mid-fifties and can take several years. During this time, the last menstrual cycle occurs, with which the fertile phase of life comes to an end.

During the menopause some women have no or only slight symptoms. Many on the other hand observe changes in themselves that they find stressful. The typical complaints are:  hot flushes, bleeding disorders, headaches,Dizziness,  Mood swings, 

Changes of Body and Weight, changes in the sexuality.

The drop in estrogen and progestin levels and the increase in FSH   are primarily responsible for the typical menopausal symptoms in women.

Holistic gynecology can be achieved with the help of bioidentical hormones

have a balancing effect on the hormonal turbulence and make the time of change more harmonious.


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