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I work holistically.

For me, this means that I am completely impartial to you and your concerns

Get to know  and welcome.

Then I will come up with a plan how I can best help and support you,

on your path to healing.

I have a variety of methods and many years of experience at my disposal for this.

In the end, however, it is your life force that manages to alleviate your symptoms 

and bring you back to your center.

Be powerful yourself.




gentle and effective


Heal like with like

My first great love as a naturopath and a cornerstone of my practice was and is homeopathy.
No other method is so gentle and yet so effective.
If we manage  to find the right remedy, it can cure almost any functional ailment,
and that deeply, quickly and sustainably.  
A homeopathic treatment begins with an initial medical history, during which we record your entire medical or life history, all of your symptoms and peculiarities.
Getting to know each other takes time and is often quite intensive.
I try to perceive you in your entirety and to find the common thread in your story.
I put all the pieces of the puzzle together and start looking for the remedy that is as similar as possible to your individual situation.
After about four weeks we meet for a follow-up to see how the remedy has worked.
In the case of acute complaints also faster.
Homeopathic treatment is a process.
Homeopathy is a holistic treatment method, since it takes into account the state of body, mind and spirit and strengthens the life force. Homeopathy does not work against it the disease, but for the healing of the whole person.


Touch the soul

touch touched –

not only the body, but also the soul.

The healing power of mindful touch has now been scientifically proven. The skin is not only our largest, but also one of our most important sensory organs. Through its tactile sensors, it provides us with important information from our environment, allows us to distinguish between ourselves and the outside world and makes us sensitive beings.

Through various massage techniques and forms of body work, I have arrived at a holistic treatment concept that is specially tailored to women and their needs.

With the fertility massage, the pregnant woman massage, the postpartum massage and the therapeutic woman massage

I have incredibly effective and beneficial techniques at hand to treat women at different stages of life and with different ailments.

 Massage gives us a good way to cope with stress, makes us less susceptible to illnesses, strengthens the self-healing powers and can be used specifically as a therapy for certain illnesses.


knowledge of life

Ayurveda is the knowledge of life and offers us exactly that.

Thousands of years old knowledge and traditions for a healthy lifestyle.

It's all about diet and lifestyle.

Ayurveda is natural and holistic, timeless and  modern at the same time. 

It shows us the way to a life in balance - the basis for complete well-being, natural beauty and lasting health.
Ayurveda is excellently suited as a preventative tool and as the basis for a healthy lifestyle. It offers a variety of options for maintaining health, treating illnesses, strengthening emotional well-being and vital life energies.


Take the time you need to find yourself again...

...I will help you with it.

Sometimes in life we encounter tasks and experiences that overwhelm and overwhelm us. We're stuck and can't find our way on our own. The hormonal changes and fears during pregnancy, an intensive or traumatic birth, the loss of a child or being overwhelmed with a newborn, maybe even postpartum depression - these are all issues that I stand by your side and have your back on.

In addition to talk therapy, I work a lot with body therapy techniques and relaxation methods.

Healing takes time and a strong network. I have both for you!


Du kannst nicht heilen,
wenn du immer
so tust,
als ob
du nicht



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